What Does ‘The Matrix’ Have to Do With It?

As someone who grew up in an environment where anything intuitive or spiritual was deemed “fake” and fraudulent, I have spent my life relying on research, facts, and personal experience to validate… well, everything! So, of course I had to do the same with my emerging channeling abilities. I’ve spent the last week doing readings for strangers and receiving their feedback. In this episode, I talk about what kind of feedback I’m receiving, how The Matrix relates to my spiritual journey, and a few methods I’ve used to reconnect with my intuitive abilities. To claim your free gift, learn more about mentorship programs, or apply to be a guest on a future episode, visit https://podspout.app/loriannerising.

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Lori Anne Rising is the international award-winning author of “You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose.” She’s an intuitive and spiritual mentor for women, and digital nomad with an MA in Organizational Communications & Leadership. Her podcast for women, “You Rising!” dives into the transformational experiences that drive us to be Rising Women in every aspect of life. Her writing and conversations challenge old paradigms, bring light to dark places, and reconnect women with their inner W.O.W. — the Wise One Within — opening doors to living a life that sets our souls ablaze!