Episode 23

Are We Taking Up Are Rightful Space?

Growing up in an unhealthy environment, finding ways to be invisible and small was a coping skill I learned to stay safe. Culturally, women are taught to stay quiet, stay small, stay in a support position rather than lead, and in so many, many ways to abandon ourselves for the sake of others. Giving myself permission to take up space is something I’ve been working on for many years, and yet, I caught myself falling into that old habit yet again. Let’s take a closer look at what happened, why, and what we can do about. To learn more about private, intuitive readings and mentorship programs, visit https://podspout.app/loriannerising

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Lori Anne Rising is the international award-winning author of “You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose.” She’s an intuitive and spiritual mentor for women, and digital nomad with an MA in Organizational Communications & Leadership. Her podcast for women, “You Rising!” dives into the transformational experiences that drive us to be Rising Women in every aspect of life. Her writing and conversations challenge old paradigms, bring light to dark places, and reconnect women with their inner W.O.W. — the Wise One Within — opening doors to living a life that sets our souls ablaze!